Hi! I am Zinsser.

I am a true "full-stack" developer, from circuit design to web frontend.

I am a self-proclaimed artist, from digital painting to music composing.

I am an intellectual weeb. I love Japanese animes, comics, games, and novels.

Hardware Design
ASIC Digital Circuit Design

I work at NVIDIA as a GPU ASIC design engineer since 2019.

BFGPU aka GeForce RTX 3090 is the first chip ever that contains my circuit design. Though I did not contribute a lot, I am proud to be part of the legendary

Before joining NVIDIA, I did an internship on FPGA design as a testing platform for an RF chip, plus various verilog design courses in college.

Software Development
Level Languages/Framworks/Services
Can do blindfolded C, Python, Verilog
Pretty fluent PHP, Systemverilog, JavaScript, TypeScript, Async Programming
Doing OK C++, Golang, HTML5, CSS, SQL, TCL, Laravel, Angular, Vue.js, gRPC, HAProxy, Memcache, LXD
Tried a few times Java, Rust, CUDA, Scala, Matlab, VHDL, SystemC, Perl, Shell, Swift, ObjectC, Docker, Kubernetes
Digital painting

I started to do digital painting in 2012. I do mainly anime style figure drawing.

Software: Easy Paint Tool SAI, Photoshop (for color correction), Clip Studio Paint (just started to learn)

Tablet: Wacom Intuos Pro PTH651SE, Wacom Bamboo CTL671 (previously owned)

Music performance and composing

I learned to play the piano from the age of 4 to 12. I keep playing and practicing pieces I love thereafter.

I took music theory courses during college. I was originally planning for a music minor, but the curriculum schedule didn't work out.

I did some composing with digital software, mainly with piano and strings. I started to practice flute casually in 2019 to learn some nuances about woodwind.

Japanese Animes, Comics, Galgames, Novels
Random facts
I was born in China and came to the US for undergrad.
"Zinsser" is my English name that I have been using since the age 3. No I can't speak English at that time.
Snowboarding is my winter sport and badminton is my summer sport.