No.20 Pupils Compilation

For Japanese animes/manga/illustrations, pupils are often an important characteristic. Different illustrators and anime companies have their own way of drawing the pupils. I found it interesting to explore and learn these fancy drawing methods. Thus, I only drew the eye parts of the characters.

Later, I realized that I could make a game for others to guess which characters are the owner of these eyes. I painted everything in grayscale so that colors don’t give away too much information since color choices shouldn’t influence how pupils are drawn. (especially the hair colors). Layering, shading, and lighting are the critical parts of separating pupils among different works. People thought it was too hard to guess with only the pupils (which is possible for really hard-core pupil lovers), so I also included minimal facial details and hairs to make it a bit easier.

Post Date: 2013-05-31 10:21:06