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A brief introduction about myself
(trying to) Be an expert on everything I love :D

I am currently a first-year master student at UCSD. My major is Electrical Engineer focused on Circuit & System. Looking for a summer internship in chip design companies. (Resume)

Digital Circuit is fun! I am currently working on a hardware accelerator of JSON parser for streaming data processing.

I am also working on a music game mirror website Inso Link with a friend to provide Chinese players faster download speed.

I grew up in China and came to San Diego in 2013. I am into a lot of things: programming, piano, composing, digital painting, observational astronomy, Japanese anime, snowboarding, PC gaming.

  • Digital & Analog design

  • Full stack developer

  • Musician & illustrator

  • Japanese Anime Comic Rocks!

My Paintings

Work in Process! Meanwhile please visit my old painting page.

Take a look at all my fun projects!