No.3 Fujibayashi Kyou

Initial VersionColor Corrected Version

I started this one right after I lost the last painting’s file. Lines are copied from an animation screenshot. My mom took my tablet away because I spent too much time on it. I had to use the mouse and pen layers found in Sai to finish it. This might be the only time I use a mouse to draw on computer ever.

The initial version’s color was a bit off. The hue was too high and all the colors are shifted towards red. This is because my laptop has a CCFI screen which tends to show less red. As a result, I used colors that are extremely red so that it looked good on my screen. After I bout an IPS-LED monitor, I went back and adjusted its color. Details can be found in the related links above.

This was also when I started to use tons of layers. You can see that from the progression part above.

Post Date: 2012-11-18 13:09:20